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The last day of Harry Potter.

I’m not crying I have a wand in my eye

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What the fuck? Whitewashing? It’s a danish fairy tale! You can’t just throw in diversity for the sake of it. It has to make sense, thats like if people were like “Why are there only Chinese people in Mulan?” Because it takes place in fucking China before anyone immigrated there!



"typical light hair, fair skinned, blue eyes" The only other Disney princesses that fits that description all the way would be Cinderella and Aurora. The only other one close is Rapunzel. Disney does extremely well with making the animated princesses fit the time period and area they are from. Let me show you a thing.

Alright this is Snow White. The whole reason this is her name is because her skin was as white as the fucking snow. She had hair as black as a raven. And lips as red as a rose. Snow White was originally a GERMAN fairytale. Ya know what color they are in Germany? White….

Now this bitch right here is Cinderella. This movie was made in 1950. Ya know what was going on in 1950? Segregation. So I doubt that in 1950 they would make some black fairytale princess considering Walt Disney was white and all the employees at Disney were white, and I’m sorry but in the 1950’s all the white people were racists. Yes, Walt Disney was fucking racist. But that’s because of when he grew up and how things were. He was actually a pretty loving and kind man and I’m sure that he would’ve had an open mind to ending segregation if he had grew up different. FYI Cinderella is French. French people be white.

This chick right here. Her name is Aurora. Her movie was made in 1969. There were still racist little bastards then. But ya know what, she’s also freaking French. And in her original fairytale her hair was the color of sunshine gold, and lips that shamed the red red rose.

Now meet Ariel. She is often times many people’s favorite cause she’s fun and quirky and her hair looks like a fucking fire truck. Her fairytale is Danish. Danish people are white. The Danish fairytale though? It’s actually based off of stories sailors told of seeing this girl with bright red hair and the tail of a fish. Idk, but have you ever seen a naturally red headed black woman. Cause I haven’t….

Now Belle here is the frenchiest of the French. Her story is actually based in France. Not just a nice fairytale that was made in France. Again, French people are white. But you see light hair on her. No. She is brunette! And she has brown eyes. Nuff said.

Now this…. this is Jasmine. She is not white, she does not have light hair, and she does not have light eyes. She is brown. And beautifully so. And she’s not so sweet and fragile either. She is independent and don’t need no man.She is Arabic and she looks like it. I don’t see any white washing here. See this is where white washing would ACTUALLY come into play. If they made Princess Jasmine, based off of Princess Badroulbadour from an Arabic folk tale, and made her white. A white girl in Agrabah. Nope.

My personal favorite. Pocahontas. Again. No white washing. She is nice and brown, and has nice Indian features. Thing about her? She was a real lady. In fact her sequel actually told her story better than the first one.

Meet mulan. She’s Chinese. She saved China. Nuff said.

This lovely lady is Tiana. She made a lot of ground as being the first black Disney Princess. She was from New Orleans. She’s american. This movie was based in the 1920’s and they did her right because she was a waitress, working 3 jobs just to make a few dollars a day. She lived in the slums/the ghetto with all the other colored folk. They kept it right to the time period they were representing but they also made her fa-boo!

Now this chicky is my girl punzy. She is the first Disney Princess since 1991 that was white. I think 20 years time is a good amount of time to bring in another white Princess. Disney had wanted to do Rapunzel for a long time. She’s one of the classic fairytale princesses. Everyone know who this chick was, but there was no Disney movie about her. The reason why they didn’t she make her movie in the 90’s was because she was white. She was just another, golden haired, fair skinned, damsel in distress. I am soooo happy they waited on this one too. Cause after being in the works for so long they took this story about a chick with long hair being rescued by a Prince, and they made her this barefoot, rebellious, bad-ass, sweetheart, that was magical and already a Princess. In fact her “prince” wasn’t a prince. He was a thief. And the coolest thing, so that she wasn’t just a typical blonde princess, they cut off her hair and it turned brown. So now she’s this edgy but sweet brunette, short-haired, girl. Also, the original fairytale is German, so Disney stayed true to it’s roots and kept her in a German setting.

This is Princess Merida. She is Scottish. Technically white. But still not just some American accent, blonde, white girl. She made a big leap in the Princess world because unlike all the others who are all strong too, she didn’t even find love in the movie. Who knows, maybe they’ll make a sequel a few years later where she’s older and more grown up and she gets married. Fun fact, Brave is loosely based around Scottish folklore of King Fergus.

So yeah, white washing would be if they made the beautiful ethnic ladies here just white. Alot of fairytales come from mainly white countries. Disney is just trying to tell a good story. Maybe they should look more into some Arabic fairytales, maybe some African ones. But all they’re doing is staying true to stories and lands.

I love you.

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Why does everyone forget Atlantis: The Lost Empire? It had a team of mixed-race characters fighting to save the last remnants of the lost city of Atlantis, which is inhabited by technologically advanced people of color. Not to mention the part where multiple ethnic groups overcome xenophobia to prevent World War One from including infinite pure energy and magical weapons of mass destruction

I am SO GLAD someone finally did this I was getting TIRED AS FUCK of all the bashing for bullshit reasons on this movie.

Yes. This. I would argue that they are very typical on their looks (as in, the beauty standard) but racial deversity is pretty good.

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I know it’s sad that this is considered “revolutionary” but seriously this is so so so important. Look at what Aerie style and fit expert Jenny Altman said in an interview with ABC News: “We left everything: beauty marks, tattoos. It’s a selling point because our customers represent this great demographic and they don’t get to see what girls their age really look like.” The brand also plans to enhance its website. Soon, when you search for a DD bra, you’ll see an actual, real-live DD-sized woman wearing it. Sort of sad that this feels so revolutionary, but anything that diversifies that headless, B-cup avatar common to most lingerie sites is okay in our book.


Even though it’s sad that it should be considered revolutionary, I think it’s a big and very necessary step. And remember, a change, a revolution, has to start somewhere. Now, this may or may not be the start, but it’s something. (Although I still think the pictures around this announcement contain supermodels tbh. They don’t look like the average girl to me.)

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fransspookylair heeft gezegd: I fail to see how you're supportive of the social justice community on tumblr in general. I mean, they are nothing but a bunch of bullies. It's not even "a few bad eggs" either, the absolute majority of people are like that. It's just a circlejerk of people who finally feel like they have the power to shut anyone up and have enough self-entitlement to do that, because anything they don't like is "problematic" and "oppression".


Before tumblr I did not know anything about transgender folks. I once asked a friend what their “real” name was. An embarrassing moment I wish I could take back with all my heart. I thought there were two genders. I thought there were 3 sexual orientations. I had no idea what feminism truly was. I was only familiar with racism towards black folks. I did not realize just how oppressive the world can be.

In four short years I have had a crash course on how to be a better person. I have learned about issues I did not know existed and was inspired to study and understand them as best I could. I was pushed out of my male white hetero bubble. I still have a lot to learn. I am still going to make mistakes. But I am a less shitty person because of tumblr social justice. 

I think the issue is that the people who bully and make no effort to educate get lumped in with the people who truly care about changing hearts and minds—who want to bring a better understanding to anyone they can reach. 

I know there are people out there who have an inherent need to bully. But they also don’t want to be seen as a bad person. So they take the persona of someone who cares about social justice and use it as a way to seem righteous. And oddly enough, these bullies are often some of the most privileged among us. “Allies” wanting cookies for yelling at people. I know this is a problem and I think it frustrates a lot of people. It hurts the movement, but I don’t think it is a majority by any means.

You have to realize that the most awful among us are also the loudest. They get the most attention because they are hard to ignore. So we have to try our best to tune them out and listen to those who are trying to make a difference. Who want us all to be better people. That is the social justice I support. 

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oh shiT


oh shiT

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Chimamanda Adichie - The Danger of a Single Story (TED Talks 2009)

Tell me again, what did you say about representation not being important?

This gifset goes perfectly with an article I just read. This is why media representation is so important. Because it brainwashes our children to not even see themselves in their OWN stories.

Just read Adichie’s new novel Americanah, which I highly recommend. Great book, and not too much weather in it.

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Sometime’s the world is a tough place, the days get to you and the nights drag on, so here’s a story of a pet penguin who goes shopping.

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